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How to perform keyword research ?

 Keyword research is the process of finding and analysing actual search terms that people enter into search engine. The insight you can get into these actual search terms can help inform content strategy, as well as your larger marketing strategy.

Keyword research has been playing a great role in last 10 years and how important keywords themselves have become to our ability to rank well for the searches people make every day. It’s very important to use the keyword that exactly match a person’s search is ranking factor in the eyes of an SEO professional.

Keyword research gives you the exactly idea about what topic people care about, how popular those topics actually are among your audience. By researching keywords that are getting a high volume of searches per month ,you can focus and sort your content into topics that you are created.

By researching keywords on their search volume, popularity, general intent, you can reach to right audience.

Search Volume

Obviously you will want to target high volume keywords with your content . But it should be said that forcing a keyword strategy into your content simply to rank for a high volume search is a bad move. If your content doesn’t align with the search intent of the person typing the keyword into Google, you won’t rank or drive traffic.

When you start doing research keyword you may find a number of keywords that align with your content’s subject matter. Obviously the highest volume keyword is the first one to consider. But other factors, like what other content already ranks for that keyword,are equally important when deciding if a keyword is right for your content.

Making list of important, relevant topics

Before starting your process , think about the topic you want to make progress. Obviously you will pop up about 5-10 topic you think are important to your business,and then you will those buckets to help come up with some specific keywords later in the further process.

If you are going to establish a new start up then there are different types of products and services . You should list your topics related to your service or they are the topics that come up the most in sales conversation. It should be, what types of topics would your target audience search that you would want your business to get found for ? You can choose the right keyword from your selected topics and you can calculate their monthly search volume. This data allows you to evaluate how important these topics are to your audience, and how many different sub-topics you might need to create content on to be successful with that keyword.


After choosing keyword it’s very important to check your competitor.Check how competitive your selected keyword is. If you are against up huge websites or tons of paid advertisements in the search engine results page. Some highly competitive keywords may be out of reach for your content. Then keep a eye into a search and see what appears. Then you should know if the content you have written has a shot at ranking.

Keep in mind, your content is competing with everything else on that page for that coveted no.1 ranking and for the searcher’s attention . So if there are a lot of paid ads that appear or highly authoritative websites in the search engine result  page, your content will have a harder time ranking at the top.

In the SERP , we found out a few elements to look for when you are doing search engine result page. So the first traditional result is half way down the page. It means , even if your content ranks close to no. 1 rank, the searcher has to make it halfway through the page simply to find your content.

While it shows that there is no page element should discourage you from targeting a keyword, you should be aware of ones are present on the search engine result page.

Search intent

Search intent is now one of the most pivotal factors in your ability to rank well on search engines like Google. The intent behind a search is so important to your ranking potential, you need to be extra -careful how you interpret the keywords you target.

Let’s take a example for better understanding, if you are researching the keyword “how to create a website” for an article you want to create.  Website means a blog website itself and what a searcher’s intent is behind that keyword will influence the direction of your article. If they want to know ,how to make a successful website for their business ? Your content strategy should only target that people are really interested in the latter, always make sure of the keyword’s intent before committing to it.

Great creative with your keyword research

Don’t fret if you have a keyword in mind and it doesn’t have a high monthly search volume or is extremely competitive. Try thinking outside of the box. Your content will have the best chance of appearing in Google if you are deliberate about your keyword choice, even if asking these questions and doing additional research delays your publish date a bit.

When you are choosing your keyword , be on the lookout for any clues that could tell you the requirements of the customer’s searching process. From there you can determine whether your content lines  up with that stage.

After all, if you are writing a piece of content that you know is for potential customers in the early stages of their purchase journey, you will want to target early-stage keyword.

Over all keyword research is as much as important that creating a useful content for your website. May be it is a little bit of sensitive process but if you invest some dedicated time for researching keyword it is really worth for time.

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