6 Ways To Get Organic Traffic Without Ranking Your Website

If you want to build organic traffic without ranking your website then it’s not going to be an easy task for you in such a crowd trend but it’s not impossible. If you are looking for a quick fix, then it may be impossible. Building organic traffic without ranking your website is the hardest work you’ll ever put in to your website. It’s also the greatest investment of time and effort you can make. Still you want to grow your website at the early time and build organic traffic Gradually then we have super ideas to support you in your effort.

1.Promote Through Youtube Video Content

When you produce video content , you should create content that is highly engaging and has the capability of driving significant traffic to your site. When your video content get more and more views which leads a good traffic to your site , then YouTube as a source of traffic should not be ignored. While YouTube is owned by Google , if you suffer a manual action or algorithmic downgrade on Google, YouTube traffic being sent to your site should not be affected.

Shifting your focus from your website’s text content to producing video content should help to create another traffic stream to your site while you work to overcome the manual action.

Then, promoting the video content via press releases should help promote it and drive other traffic to your site.

Also, don’t forget to your email list.Sending out a promotional email to your list every time you publish a video will help drive traffic to your site also.

2.Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is not only the age old spammy technique of constant blog comments and trying to game Google through thousands of spammy backlinks. It’s all about adding meaningful , high quality comments to high authority sites in your niche.

The method of doing blog comments has changed ,as has links.In recent years , it has been revealed that Google’s webmaster guidelines considers any link built by you manually to be spammy, regardless of its nature . The proper way to do blog commenting is to thoroughly read the post and if you have something useful or meaningful to add to the conversation, then leave a comment. If you have content on your site related to the post, use that URL as a link rather than the home page. Those who do click through will then have an even better experience.

3.Content Aggregators

Just create great content for your website and get your content listed on popular content aggregators, where lots of people will see it . There are a lot of content aggregators sites through which you can influence your target audience to get into your site. You should choose content aggregators sites according to related content of your website . You can build a strong network in the respective sites by writing short notes about your website. This is a great way to make a bunch of traffic without any  ranking to your website . There are a lot of popular aggregators sites available to promote your website indirectly. But one thing always keep in mind , always pay attention to the rules and don’t submit to unrelated aggregators sites. Make sure your content is useful , original, high quality and not only self-promotional.


Nowadays LinkedIn is the best platform to engage organic traffic . It’s a transparent platform where you can directly build a touch with them and spread your business. You can publish relevant and high quality article on the LinkedIn related to your website and you can provide the link of your website to redirect them . You can post any graphical information picture on LinkedIn to grow the interest of the audience and make a difference among all other trending. You can also join in different groups to share your content. Always use hashtag which should be relevant to your website topic,try to use maximum no. of hashtag as you can.This is really a very good option to make more organic traffic without ranking.

5.Create podcasts and use Audio Content

Using podcasts can be a tremendous boost in your traffic in other ways because podcasts is packed with information and the perfect sprinkle of entertainment and light hearted banter, podcasts are incredibly engaging and a useful medium for business and listeners alike. May be you don’t know podcasts has a great potential to create a huge traffic source because podcasts have low competition . This is more engaging and convenient for listeners. Podcasts are yet another mobile friendly content option. The popularity of podcasts are growing consistently.

Podcasts audience’s are loyal and passionate about their industry. Through the podcast you have the opportunity to grow a loyal traffic base by publishing your podcast content consistently.


It’s the most targeted and quick delivered process. The number one message delivered by top affiliate marketer is the money is in the list. In reality , every business can benefit from a mailing list.With robust and easy to use email services , there are available so many types,to manage lists and campaigns, there is no excuse for missing out on this opportunity. Another reason to love email is the conversion rate of 3.34 percent.Compare  this  to search at 1.94 percent and social at 0.79 percent and you can see just how productive this form of marketing can be. A simple variation in the subject line can vastly affect the open rate. This process is one type of called direct traffic and this will show up as traffic in your Google Analytics, leading to an increase in your overall traffic.

So these are  some simple and effective ways to make great traffic by directly or indirectly without ranking your website. Nothing is not going to be happens in overnight, every thing takes some time to get results. So be consistent and keep patience . We hope this will help you a lot.

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